At last, I took Microsoft Word to court

My favorite lawyer in America, Joe Saveri, recently came to me with a problem—a defen­dant in one of his cases sought an order that his firm was spacing lines incor­rectly.

How so? The local rules of the Western District of Tennessee call for double-spaced lines, and Joe’s firm—consis­tent with the advice in Typog­raphy for Lawyers—had been spacing their lines at 24 points. The defen­dants, however, claimed this prac­tice violated the local rule, which ought to be measured by Microsoft Word’s “double” line-spacing option, which inserts more space.

Joe, I said, my Schaedler Preci­sion Rule is my Mjolnir. You are worthy. Let’s do some justice.

The motion, the oppo­si­tion, the two decla­ra­tions (including mine), and six exhibits are consol­i­dated here. Skip to the last page if you just want to know who won. (Spoiler: math)