Welcome to INSPIRATION2017!

Thanks for agreeing to speak at INSPI­RA­TION2017, to be held at the Hotel Grand Luxe in Toronto. Our confer­ence attracts thought leaders from Fortune 500 compa­nies world­wide.

But we love having self-employed people like you as speakers—you INSPIRE our atten­dees, which helps them go back to work and increase share­holder value! Please tell all your followers on social media that tickets are still avail­able at both the regular $1995 price and the $2995 Super­star Plat­inum level.

We just have a few little guide­lines.

1) Please, NO SELLING FROM THE STAGE. True, you’ll be in a room with some of the biggest corpo­rate deci­sion-makers in the world. But let’s focus on the INSPI­RA­TION!

2) We really want you to deliver a ton of INSPI­RA­TION during your talk. But please, keep it prac­tical too. Our atten­dees are busy people. So it’s really impor­tant that you walk them through some specific ideas and how to imple­ment them. That’s the best kind of INSPI­RA­TION, we find!

3) This is a total house­keeping thing, but if you could send us the text of your lecture with any slides, we’ll quickly review it and make sure there’s enough INSPI­RA­TION. Please use the Microsoft Office templates attached.

4) Also attached to this email is a rights release. One of our big prin­ci­ples is that INSPI­RA­TION should be shared freely. The release gives atten­dees the right to use any mate­rial from your presen­ta­tion for any purpose, world­wide, forever. Don’t worry—this is just stan­dard boil­er­plate stuff. Lawyers, what­ever, right?

5) We’re pleased to offer our esteemed speakers an hono­rarium of $100. We just need you fill out the attached forms for the US and Cana­dian tax author­i­ties (please note the Cana­dian forms must be nota­rized in English AND French. Sorry, but we don’t make the rules!)

6) Finally, we’re happy to provide you a room at our auxil­iary lodging facility (the very nice Cozy­time Motel, just a short bus ride from the Hotel Grand Luxe). You’ll be sharing it with one of our other INSPIRING speakers! We’ll also reim­burse you for roundtrip coach airfare to Toronto. But please, anything you can do to reduce travel costs helps us. We really try to keep the focus on the INSPI­RA­TION.

See you in Toronto!